Be Aware of Stereotypes When Searching for a Used Car

Be Aware of Stereotypes When Searching for a Used Car

While many listings for used cars continue to use the old stereotype of careful lady owners as a selling point, it seems that’s not what car buyers are generally interested in knowing.

It’s fairly commonplace to see second hand car listings that feature the term “lady driver” or similar, implying that a female driver is gentler on the vehicle. However those digging deeper into the sales information say buyers don’t seem to be looking for used vehicles with ‘one lady driver’. Instead search terms like ‘well maintained’ and ‘excellent condition’ are far more popular.

It’s certainly worth remembering that stereotypes about cars and motorists are no more than that, and due diligence should be done on every second hand or near new vehicle purchase.

Automobile Association (AA) spokeswoman Mehpara Khan agrees that it’s never a good idea to assume anything. “If you’re interested in buying a used car, go see it for yourself and get a pre-purchase inspection to give you a clearer picture of what you’re about to buy.”

Claims data from AA Insurance (AAI) showed that while older women were more likely to cause a car accident than their male peers, these roles were reversed with younger women.