6 Interior Car Cleaning Hacks

6 Interior Car Cleaning Hacks

Have you recently visited Tauranga’s Near New Cars and ended up driving your dream car off the yard? Your car’s interior looks clean and tidy right now, but if you’re not careful, you’ll quickly find yourself with a messy car.

Luckily, our Tauranga used car dealer team has put together a list of our six favourite interior car cleaning hacks.

  1. Get out that toothbrush 

Hands down the best way to clean the creases and crevices of your car seats and dashboard is by spot cleaning with a toothbrush. With its many fine bristles, a toothbrush easily gets deep down into the edges where dirt, grime and dust tend to build up and become embedded. Plus, it’s a pretty cheap DIY solution to keeping your car looking near new! 

  1. Clean the AC with foam 

As summer approaches, you’re going to want to blast the AC. Air conditioning vents can accumulate a lot of dust, which isn’t healthy to be breathing in regularly. The best way to clean out the AC vents is to get yourself a narrow foam brush and edge it in between the vents for a healthier and cleaner dust-free car. 

  1. Vacuum as you go 

As you free the dust from the AC vents, it’s a good idea to have a vacuum handy to suck that dust away for good. Vacuuming as you clean is good practice, then give the whole interior a final vacuum at the very end. 

  1. DIY seat and dashboard polish 

An ingenious DIY dashboard polish can be made using a small amount of olive oil and a cloth. Dab the cloth with a drop or two of oil and rub it into your car seats and dashboard in a circular motion.

  1. Baking soda keeps things fresh 

While you’re in the kitchen getting that olive oil, grab the baking soda too. Just like in the fridge, baking soda work wonders at absorbing smells and keeping things fresh. You can use baking soda during the cleaning process by sprinkling some onto the seats, leaving it there for a while, then wiping it up. To keep your car smelling great, you can also make your own car air freshener with baking soda and essential oils in a small glass jar.

  1. Floor mats 

Floor mats inevitably get dirty – after all, your smelly shoes, wet gumboots and muddy work boots are resting on them constantly. Floor mats are a huge contributor to dirty, smelly cars, so make sure to clean them regularly. Rubber floor mats are easy – just take them outside and give them a wash, drying them off completely before reuse. Carpeted mats benefit from some stain remover before being tossed into the laundry and washed on gentle.