Get your Car Road Trip Ready

Get your Car Road Trip Ready

Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s nearly Road Trip Season!

The team at Tauranga used car dealership Near New Cars loves a good roadie, so we’ve put together a list of how to get your car Road Trip Ready!

  1. Safety first 

Safety is paramount when driving on our treacherous New Zealand roads. Before you head off to your favourite camping spot, give your car a decent safety check. Check the oil, pump up the tyres and get a wheel alignment if it’s been a while. 

  1. Clean up 

Spending a few hours getting the car’s exterior and interior into tip top shape will let you get the most out of your road trip. Throw out the rubbish that has accumulated in the cup holders and get rid of any jerseys or beanies strewn across the back seat. You might want to keep that umbrella in the boot though – just in case! An internal vacuuming session will do wonders for tidying up the interior and making the road trip that much nicer. Next head outside and give the car a good wash so it will sparkle its way along the coast! 

  1. Organisation is key 

This is especially important to keep the peace on long family roadies. If there’s going to be a lot of you packed like sardines into one car for a while, plan ahead and organise. Have a rubbish bag or mini bin ready for lolly wrappers, orange peels and coffee cups. Have chargers for phones, iPads and laptops at the ready to avoid grouchy kids. Make sure you know where everything is so that breaks and outings along the way are more fun. 

  1. Invest in good roof racks 

If you’re bringing any summer gear, like a kayak or surfboard, with you on your road trip, invest in quality roof racks. A good roof rack creates less drag, saving you petrol money. It also keeps both your equipment and the other drivers on the road safe. 

  1. Get your sound situation sorted 

It’s not as easy as a CD book these days. Check that your podcast is downloaded and your Bluetooth is working at least a day before leaving. There’s nothing quite as annoying as settling into your rental car or recently purchased car to listen to your favourite jams in the middle of a Wi-Fi dead zone! Remember to get everyone music tastes accounted for and take turns.

The Near New Cars team wishes you the best for your summer road trips!