Five Tips for Saving Fuel

Five Tips for Saving Fuel

Fuel prices are at their highest level in three years, with your average petrol station asking for $2.149 per litre. Seeing as December is already a pretty expensive time of year, we thought we’d share some expert advice from the team at Near New Cars on how to keep the cost of fuelling up to a minimum.

Combine car trips 

Heating up a cold engine takes more fuel, so it’s a wise, wallet-friendly idea to bundle all of your tasks together as much as possible. If you are visiting a friend, need to pop into the supermarket and want to post a letter, don’t make three separate trips: do these all in one outing.

Avoid rush hour traffic 

Sitting bumper-to-bumper isn’t only frustrating, it’s expensive. Frequent starting and stopping requires a lot of fuel, draining your precious tank a lot faster than open road driving. Traffic isn’t always avoidable, but do what you can to get yourself out of predictable rush hour driving.

Eliminate extra drag 

Get rid of roof racks and ski boxes, close windows and sunroofs as all of these introduce extra drag, eating up the fuel. Air conditioning obviously uses up fuel too, but it’s a better option than windows to combat the hot summer heat.

Lighten your lead foot 

Pushing down hard on the accelerator uses up more fuel than a softer, gentler transition. Also, try to drive at a constant speed rather than speeding up and slowing down. Level-headed drivers who don’t try to overtake a car every set of streetlights are not only safer, they’re also saving money.

Check tyre pressure 

You can be doing everything else right, but if your tyres have low pressure, your car is using more fuel than it needs to. Make sure to check your tyres regularly – it increases safety as well as fuel economy.