5 Tips to Keep your Car Clean when Driving with Dogs

5 Tips to Keep your Car Clean when Driving with Dogs

Have you ever jumped into a beautiful car only to be overcome with the odour of wet dog? It’s not a pleasant experience and it’s a very difficult smell to eliminate. The car dealers at Tauranga’s Near New Cars are passionate about the value of used cars, so we wanted to share some tips to keep your car near new, even when you’re sharing your vehicle with your four legged friends. 

1: Invest in a Seat Cover 

The best thing you can do to avoid fur and odour making a permanent home in your used car is to invest in a seat cover. This can vary from pricy, quality covers found at pet stores to a cheap sheet or blanket strewn across the back seat. Finding the appropriate cover is up to you and it depends on how much drool, fur and scent your dog creates, but you’ll certainly want at least one layer of protection between car and dog. 

2: Clean Regularly  

Fact is, most dogs are smelly. If you’re bringing your dog in the car, try to eliminate lingering odours by vacuuming, washing seat covers and floor mats and cleaning the car’s internal windows regularly. We find Tauranga car owners to be pretty good at regularly cleaning their cars, but you’ll have to take it a step further if you’re sharing the space with a pup. 

3: Designate a Pup Area  

Choose an area of the car that the dog is allowed in, giving him enough room to be comfortable. You can use a crate or a leash tied to a head rest to ensure the dog doesn’t explore the entire vehicle on your next trip out. This way, the fur and dirt that they leave in the car will be localised to one area, which makes clean up much easier. 

4: Expect the Unexpected 

Alongside your first aid kit, have a clean-up kit ready for emergency situations. Include paper towels, baby wipes, enzymatic spray to eliminate odours, plastic bags and an air freshener. You never know when your dog will get car sick and cleaning up a mess as soon as possible will keep your used car as new-smelling as possible. 

5: Choose your Car Wisely 

If you are in the market for a used car and already have a furry friend, factor your pet into your decision. Leather and vinyl interiors are easier to clean up and don’t absorb smells the way that fabric does. If you have fabric, treat the seats like a new couch and use a stain resistant spray. Replace fabric floor mats with rubber ones. And feel free to chat with our car dealers at Near New Cars on what car is best for regular trips with your pooch.