Check Your A/C this Summer

Check Your A/C this Summer

A functioning air conditioning unit in used cars is pretty important, especially over the long, hot Tauranga summer that has only just begun. The a/c cools you down while driving but it also has a slew of other important functions that improve the quality of your ride. Air conditioning units also help filter air pollutants, bacteria and pollen, making the car healthier and more comfortable. If it’s been a while, your Tauranga used car dealer Near New Cars recommends you check out your air conditioner this summer.

A/C Concerns? 

If you’ve had your car for a while, consider if there have been any changes to your a/c. Is it having trouble cooling down like it used to, or is taking a longer time to send out cold air? Are there any strange smells or sounds when you turn the a/c on?

The above changes could indicate issues with the refrigerant, mould or debris in the vents or a worn-out fan belt. If you have noticed any of these changes, take your car in to get the air conditioning serviced.

What’s involved in an A/C service? 

It sometimes feels like you’re servicing every part of your car and it’s hard to know what’s necessary. A good a/c service is useful if you have any concerns and workshops in Tauranga should offer the following as part of the service:

Prices will vary depending on where you take your car, but expect to pay around $200 for a complete air conditioning service – and make sure to agree upon what will be included before forking over the cash.

How Often? 

If you’ve never serviced the a/c in your new, used car or even rental car before, it may surprise you to hear that most car dealers recommend servicing the a/c every two to three years. This is because the fluids need to be topped up or replaced to work properly. And when your car is cooling you down in the middle of a long summer road trip, that $200 will not be missed!