How to Choose a Used Car Wisely

How to Choose a Used Car Wisely

In New Zealand, we are lucky to have many good quality second hand cars available for affordable prices. When it comes to buying used cars, there are many techniques you can employ to ensure you walk off the used car dealer’s yard with the car that best suits you. Here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck.

Choose a Reputable Used Car Dealer

Near New Cars is proud of our reputation for selling quality second hand cars to our customers in the Bay. Shopping around for your perfect car is all well and good, but it’s important to know who you are buying from. Approach pushy car dealers or dodgy online sales listings with caution.

A reputable car dealership will not rush a sale; we are happy to answer all of your questions, allow you to take the car for a test spin and make sure you are comfortable with the used cars you are interested in. There will be no guilt trips or resentment if you go home to think about it. We are proud of our second hand cars at this car dealership and want you to be comfortable with your decision.

Ask Questions

Do your own research on the used cars you are interested in. Coming into a car dealership armed with knowledge is the best way to make sure you walk away with the right car. Ask about the car’s fuel economy and any issue with the engine. Inquire about the second hand car’s horsepower and performance. Ask about out about previous repairs, if it’s been in a collision and other information about the car’s history.

Know Where to Compromise

We would all love to own a brand new Mercedes, but for most of us that isn’t realistic. Second hand cars are a great option for the majority of us who haven’t won lotto! But that does mean that you might have to compromise somewhere, you just have to decide where. Is a small scratch or dent something you can live with if it’s an otherwise great car? Are you set on a particular make and model? Would you prefer a newer car or a car with low miles?

Don’t Fall in Love

Keep a cool head when looking for used cars and don’t let your emotions get the better of you. You need to consider the whole picture: safety, reliability, brand, mileage and so on. Don’t fall in love with that motorbike when what you meant to buy a reliable family vehicle. Once you choose your quality second hand car, there’ll be plenty of time to fall in love – it doesn’t have to happen on the car dealership yard!