Keeping Your Eyes on the Road

Keeping Your Eyes on the Road

Distractions are everywhere nowadays. There’s pets and kids, a weaving driver to the left and a gorgeous classic car to the right. Your phone has about 15 different pings and rings for everything from an in-coming phone call to an instant message. With all of this going on, distracted driving has become a major concern on our roads.

We at Near New Cars are proud of our second hand cars, and we want to make sure the drivers who have taken one of our used cars home are safe behind the wheel. With that in mind, we have created a list of the most common driving distractions that used car dealers have observed, and how to keep your eyes on the road.


Without a doubt, the most common and dangerous distraction today is that noisy little phone that nobody can keep their hands off of. We all have mobiles and they can certainly make us safer on the roads if we get lost of have a breakdown, but whether you’re in a brand-new car or a used car, phones should not be used while driving.

The best way to get your used cars home in one piece is to turn the cell phone off or onto silent. If you can’t do that and the temptation of the ring is too great, put the phone out of reach in the back seat or boot.


There is a reason that restricted drivers can’t have friends in the car – they are a major distraction. We at the used car dealership appreciate that carpooling is convenient and better on the environment, but make sure to keep friend distractions to a minimum.

First, choose your most trustworthy friend to ride shotgun. Next, limit music when you have a full car as you need to be able to hear road noises. Finally, be bold: if your friends are making too much noise, not wearing their seatbelts or bouncing around the backseat, firmly tell them to sit down and shut up. Their lives are in your hands, after all.


Music makes a long car ride more enjoyable, which is why checking the speakers when you come into the car dealership to buy second hand cars is a great idea. Just be aware that loud music can be a distraction, so be wise with the volume, ask your passenger to change the tunes and turn it off completely when you need to concentrate.

Pets and Kids

Little people and furry friends are among the most loved members of our family – but also the most vulnerable. They don’t know that incessant barking or crying is a distraction, so it is up to you as the driver to be safe. This issue is close to the hearts of everyone working at our car dealer and we all encourage and promote safe driving with kids in the car.

First and foremost – and this is just as important in new cars as it is in second hand cars – make sure little ones and pets are safely buckled into their seats. Next, when possible, avoid driving when kids or pets are especially hyped up. Finally, resist the urge to turn around. Whether they are snoring adorably or screaming their heads off, it can wait – your priority when behind the wheel is to keep your eyes on the road.