Choosing a Used Ute That is Right for You

Second hand ute

New Zealanders seem to really have it bad for utes. In fact, last year four out of the top five selling cars across the country were utes, with the Ford Ranger the most popular of all. These days, used car dealerships see all sorts of customers looking for utes; these specific second hand cars are used not only for towing heavy loads, but also are becoming the car of choice for many tradies, off road drivers and even families.

Here is used car dealership Near New Cars’ list of what to look for when it comes to choosing the right second-hand ute:

Single or Double Cab 

First and foremost, consider the use of your used cars and how many people you will be transporting in it. Once you’ve determined your second hand car’s purpose, decide if you want a single or double cab ute. If you’ll be driving solo most often, a single cab will do; if passengers will be getting in and out of the backseat regularly, a double cab will be more convenient.

Double cabs are more comfortable for passengers as they have more space, seating and features for backseat riders. Car dealers are seeing more families interested in getting utes as their family car, and with that comes a preference for double cabs offering plenty of backseat space and comfort. If you need help deciding which cab is best for you, speak to the knowledgeable team at our Tauranga used car dealers.


If you need a second hand ute that can tow a trailer, boat or caravan, a ute is a great choice. Make sure the ute’s engine is big enough for your specific needs and save some money by looking for a ute that already has a toe bar attached. If you find a ute you like at the used car dealership, be sure to look into its towing capacity and maximum cargo weight.

Two or Four-Wheel Drive 

If you’re going to take your ute off road you’ll want to opt for a four-wheel drive. On the other hand, if your ute will be just be used around town, two-wheel drive is fine. Our used car dealership has plenty of ute options, so let us know what you’re after and we’ll help you choose the right one. 

Automatic or Manual 

The old view is that the ute is strictly a manual car, but current trends have taken the ute in a completely new direction. With the rise of the ute as a family vehicle in addition to technological advancements and increased city traffic, automatic utes are becoming just as common. The transmission is no longer a deal breaker, but there are those who are strict traditionalist as well as those unfamiliar driving a manual. It’s worth considering which transmission type you are more comfortable with, as is true when you are on the hunt for any used car. 

Canopy or Open Tray 

Each ute driver has his or her own reason for wanting a grunty car with plenty of room out the back. If you’re a tradesman who will be storing your tools in the car, you’ll want the security of a canopy. On the other hand, if you’re going to be using your ute to transport the family’s mountain bikes, then an open tray would better suit you.

The team at Near New Cars is well versed in the pros and cons of different utes: come into the car dealership and talk through your options today.