Five Signs That It’s Time for a Near New Car

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Are you uncertain about whether or not it’s time to replace your vehicle? Perhaps your old runner has earned itself a sacred spot in your heart and, despite constant breakdowns and failed WOFs, you can’t say goodbye. Or maybe you aren’t sure how much life is left in your old but reliable car.

Here are five sure signs that it’s time to get to the used car dealership and get yourself a new second hand car.

Maintenance is Through the Roof 

If you find that your car keeps failing its Warrant of Fitness tests lately and the cost to get the car into a passable condition continually increases, it might be time to give the used car dealer a visit. The average cost of vehicle maintenance is one grand a year and this includes minor repairs and replacement of features like wiper blades and headlight bulbs. If $1000 sounds like a bargain, that’s a pretty good sign that a second hand car is in your near future.

One Big Blow Out 

When it comes to old cars, big breakdown can signal the end of the car’s life. If that old wagon you’ve had for a decade needs $5000 of work to get up and running, but the car itself is worth much less than that, selling the car to a wrecker and replacing it with a used car will likely save you heaps of money and headaches.

Growing Family 

Have you got a wee one on the way? Here at Near New Cars used car dealership we have many customers that are looking for new used cars that will better suit their growing family. Newer cars are often safer, have more airbags, are more spacious and come with useful features like the ability to install the capsule directly into the car. Talk to our car dealers about what cars are best for your bub.

Fuel Efficiency 

Just like our bodies, our second hand cars become less efficient with age – and this includes fuel efficiency. If you’re driving an old car, there’s a good chance that you are paying much more on fuel than you could be. And with fuel prices around two dollars a litre, it really adds up. Newer cars are not only more efficient on fuel, but there are also alternative eco options these days like electric cars and hybrids. 

You’ve Just Moved Here 

If you’re new to Tauranga or Mount Maunganui you’ll likely need a car. Perhaps you’ve moved from the country, and your big rural ute just isn’t cutting it for trips around town. Or maybe you’ve just moved here from overseas and are settling into life in New Zealand – and noticing that it’s not an easy country to navigate without a car. Either way, getting a near new car that is appropriate for your situation will help you get around town and get to know the city with ease.