Keep the Thieves Away from Your Car with These 5 Tips

Ensuring Car Security

You’ve fallen in love with a second hand car at the used car dealership, paid for it and taken it home…the last thing in the world you want is for it to get stolen. If you’ve ever had your car stolen, you’ll know how upsetting and uprooting it is. At Near New Cars car dealership, we’re passionate about selling you great used cars – and we’ve got some tips on how to keep them secure and safe in your own hands.

NZ is a relatively low-crime country, but one thing that we unfortunately have too much of is auto theft. Whether you’ve got a flash new car or a well-loved second hand car, you’ll want to heed the following advice:

Tip 1: Lock it Up

Though this sounds blindingly simple, ensuring your used car’s doors are locked is the most effective way to keep opportunistic thieves out of your vehicle. Keeping your car secure also means keeping the windows completely shut. Many people divulge to us used car dealers that they like to let fresh air into their car while popping into the shops or running errands, but as any used car dealer will tell you, it’s not worth it. Even a slightly open window is an invitation as it’s an easy point of entry into your precious car.

Tip 2: Keep Valuable Items Out of Sight

Lap tops, iPhones, wallets and handbags can stop a potential car thief in his tracks, even if the windows are shut and the doors locked. If your used cars look empty of valuables, it is a lot safer as the reward of breaking in isn’t worth the risk. The best thing is to not even leave these items in the car, but if you really must, make sure they are well hidden and out of sight.

Tip 3: Hand Breaks On

Hand breaks aren’t only for hills. Car thieves may target your car or a hire car they like and not even bother trying to break into it on sight as this could attract attention. Instead, they’ll tow the car away to an area they know is safe from prying eyes, where they can spend as much time as they need getting inside. Keeping your second hand car’s hand break on makes it much more difficult to tow, possibly saving your car.

Tip 4: Consider Where You Park

They probably teach you this when you learn to drive, but parking in a well-lit area is the safest option when leaving your car out in public. Dark, shadowy parks allow the thief to disguise both his appearance and his activity whereas trying to steal a car under a big spot light makes it much more conspicuous. Likewise, keep your used car safe by parking in your driveway at night as thieves are far more likely to go after a car parked on the street.

Tip 5: Get Insurance

We at used car dealership Near New Cars agree that insurance is a must when it comes to your car as it’ll really help you out if you ever do find yourself in the frustrating situation of having had a car nicked. Just make sure you know all the terms and conditions of your policy.