Preparing Your Car for the Cooler Months Ahead

Driving Car in the Colder Months

We’re in the middle of a pretty spectacular autumn, but the reality is that winter is coming. In Tauranga we’re lucky to have mild, snow-free winters, but we do get colder weather, occasional frosts and plenty of rain, which is reason enough to get your car winter ready. With that in mind, the team at used car dealer Near New Cars has come up with some checks and tips to get your used cars ready for the cooler months ahead.

Check (and Replace) Your Wipers

The first thing our car dealers will tell you is to check your wiper blades. With the increase in wet weather that the cooler months brings, it’s a good idea to make sure your windscreen wiper blades are working effectively. If wipers are just moving water around rather than clearing it, they need replacing. If they aren’t up to scratch, driving in rain, especially heavy downpours, is a lot more dangerous, so make sure to replace any old wipers on your used car.

Check your Headlights

Daylight savings ended a couple weeks ago and suddenly evenings in NZ are a lot shorter and darker. While you may not have even had the chance to notice a burnt out headlight during summer, lacking a headlight will certainly make a difference in winter. A second hand car from your car dealer will come with working headlights, but they do burn out so have a look and replace the bulbs if necessary.


Winter is not the time to drive around with worn out tyres. Autumn is the perfect season to do an annual check of your tyres, making sure they have enough tread depth and pressure. The frequency with which you will have to replace tyres on second hand cars depends on the quality of tyres you purchase, but all tyres do eventually wear out. This autumn check them out, get a wheel alignment, and take any corrective action.

Keep your Car Warm

Just as you want a functioning air conditioner to get you through balmy summers, you will be kicking yourself if the coldest day of the year is the first time you notice the car isn’t heating up. You want to be toasty warm while driving around town as well as on longer trips, especially if you’re going down to the mountain. Plus, used cars with working heaters do a better job of melting the frost on those particularly cold mornings.

Be Prepared

The staff at our car dealership want you to be safe and well prepared, and this is never more important than during winter. Make sure your car is prepared with a first aid kit, spare tyre and emergency items like a torch, bottled water and a warm blanket. Check your oil and fuel levels before going for a long drive and make sure your mobile phone is charged. Having a car that can get you through a cold night if the worst were to happen can make all the difference.