8 Signs that You Might be a Gear Head (Like Us!)

For some, a car is just a car, a vehicle to get you from Point A to Point B, a necessary but uninspiring hunk of metal sitting in your driveway. For others, cars are everything: they are beautiful creatures, designed not just for practicality but for passion!

Those who consider cars not just vehicles but hobbies, artwork and trade, are what we at used car dealership Near New Cars affectionately call Gear Heads. Here are 8 signs that you might be one of us.

1) Greasy Hands

Your hands are always greasy because you’re working on used cars every chance you get. Whether it’s to replace the oil, soup up the engine or put in a new radio, if you’re not at work, you can be found near your car.

2) You’d Never Pay for a Service

Paying someone else to give your car a service is blasphemy! Whether we’re talking new cars or second hand cars, Japanese or European, you know the ins and outs of your particular automobile and you can give it a service all on your own.

3) “Could You Take a Look at…”

This is a real red flag – do you constantly have friends and family asking you to look at their used car’s tyres, air conditioner or engine? If you’ve got a reputation among your nearest and dearest as the go-to guy or gal for any car-related questions, you’re one of us!

4) You Have a Favourite Junkyard and Car Dealership

Having to replace something on used cars is not a nuisance – it’s an opportunity to visit your favourite local hangout, the junkyard. Similarly, anytime anyone is in the market for a second hand car, you already know which car dealer they should visit…better yet, you’ll take them yourself!

5) You’re a Car History Buff

You’re not just into flashy modern cars, you’re a fan of the entire car culture. You know car facts and automobile history. You know what city every major car brand is based in. If you think you could give us at the used car dealer a run for our money on car trivia, come on down to Mount Maunganui and have a chin wag!

6) Formula 1 or Indy500 is your Religion

Who cares about a little cold weather, winter in NZ is the best time of the year because Formula 1 and Indy500 are on!

7) It’s in your Blood

The love of motors often runs in the family and you likely caught the gear head bug from a grandparent, parent, uncle or sibling. You grew up scoping out second hand cars at local car dealerships and find this a perfectly acceptable weekend activity.

8) Car Décor

Your partner might complain that your home is starting to look like a car dealership, but you consider framed photos of your favourite car and model cars to be perfectly appropriate house décor.

If you are a gear head, you’re in good company. Everyone working at used car dealership Near New Cars is passionate about cars, new and used, and we welcome you to the club!